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Shopping tour on Koh Samui

Shopping tour Samui
Excursions on Koh Samui
Excursions on Koh Samui
Excursions on Koh Samui

Arriving on vacation to a new place, so want not only to enjoy the beauty of Koh Samui, the sea and the sun, but also take with them the memory of something really unique for this country.
To make a gift to yourself and your family is very easy, simply order a free Shopping tour to the best shopping in Koh Samui. We will provide you with a car with air conditioning and a private driver. You will visit the Snake farm and will be able to purchase medicine based on snake venom, to visit the store of latex, Thai cosmetics, jewellery shop, souvenir shop, tea shop and more!
The cost in the store will be the same as an independent visit, but you do not need to worry about transport and to spend time on the Internet figuring out which stores really worth visiting.

You will be able to buy unique products on Koh Samui.

Latex shop

Huge selection of orthopedic pillows, cushions will make your sleep more comfortable and enjoyable.

Medicine based on snake venom

Huge selection of different ointments and balms based on snake venom, helps in health problems.

Thai cosmetics

Thai cosmetics and Ayurvedic products comprising of natural ingredients can be a wonderful gift to your loved ones. Koh Samui has a huge number of palm dereview on its territory and is the largest supplier of coconut oil-nice tool for body care.

Pearl jewelry

This is true aristocratically kind of jewelry it will please you for many years and to recall the waters of the Gulf of Thailand the Kingdom of Thailand.

Products made from snake skin and crocodile

Of course, products made from snakeskin or crocodile-a sign of luxury, but in addition durable and high quality stuff.

Excursions on Koh Samui
Excursions on Koh Samui
Excursions on Koh Samui

We are pleased to offer you a tour of Shopping on Saumi with most reasonable prices and selection of goods! You can choose from our list of stores you want to visit, and a time in the range from 10 to 16 hours. At the appointed time and place you will call car or a bus that will take you along the selected route. If you are tired of shopping, you will be taken back to the hotel. Or, if you really like shopping spree and stop not have the strength, at your request, the driver will take you to one of the largest shopping malls. From there you have to drive.


Additional services:

Excursions on Koh Samui If you take a guided tour for two or a big company and want to preserve the memory of a truly good photos, you can order an additional service "Professional photographer on tour". This is a great opportunity to do a reportage and staged photo shoot at a time. Speciatity you in the most beautiful places of Koh Samui and to keep alive the emotions of adults and children! The cost of the services of the photographer is calculated individually, depending on the tour.


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