Make your wedding large with Magic Day – Wedding planner on Koh Samui

In any case, moment courses of action, this particular association can offer you a wedding on a case by case circumstance. Marriage at the house, yacht- they will be happy to see any you had constantly needed! Contact them and tell each one of your desires.


Private Marriage capacity on koh samui

There are heaps of organizations as for marriage capacity is available here. You may pick as demonstrated by your longing. Among them, Private marriage capacity is one of the best one.


Wedding capacity private

  • Preliminary meeting with the nuptial coordinator to inspect the purposes of enthusiasm of the administration
  • Decorations for the capacity (bend or gazebo completed with new sprouts and a trail of bloom petals). You can pick the shade of layout.
  • Boutonniere for the real thing, group woman cushion for the rings, the petals of blooms for a splendid photo and change of the venue of the capacity
  • Master of capacities
  • Symbolic nuptial affirmation
  • Music (sound system with your most adored music)
  • Mini-buffet: characteristic item, champagne, and organizer bridal glasses for woman of great importance and spouse to be


Marriage ceremony photographers

The full request for events of your celebration, the authentic report and exquisitely organized shots that adorn your family photo gathering will make our master picture taker. There are different packs available in Magic Day – Wedding planner on Koh Samui. You can pick any one from them.


Expert photographers on Koh Samui

A great kingdom of Thailand is the perfect spot for a unique first night, a nuptial celebration, or a superb photo shoot in bridal dresses. Their photo takers will consider each one of your goals, will provoke and help you to want to shoot, to show the most awesome and detached spots. We take photographs in the most beautiful spots in Thailand: Koh Samui, Pangan, kо tao and diverse territories.


Extra organizations:

  • Nuptial capacity
  • Filming
  • Aerial shooting
  • Makeup, haircut, nail treatment, and pedicure
  • Dress for rent
  • Romantic dinner
  • Wreath, heap of sprouts
  • Shuttle – auto


Wistful dinner

Might you want to make a basic wonder for your venerated or compliment a nuptial remembrance? Keep running with Md- thai – Magic Day – Wedding planner on Koh Samui as they have masterminded an unprecedented offer for you! It is a nostalgic dinner at a champion amongst the most private shorelines of Koh Samui with points of view of the nightfall.



  • Nice gazebo with fabric on the shoreline (additional you may orchestrate sprouts complex subject, bamboo lights with fire)
  • Music (sound structure with your most adored music)
  • Menu of three dishes from gourmet expert (veggie lover decision possible)
  • Bottle of gleaming wine or white wine (your choice) and organizer glasses


Beautifying agents and hair style

This particular association in like manner makes a photo for your photo shoot. They perceive how key it is for the woman of great importance to be especially awesome in a grave marriage day. The best beauticians and makeup skilled workers will make you a certified princess! They offer hair and beauty care products for the woman of great importance, considering your wishes and master experience of our beauticians. Their beauticians will direction and brief you in travel that will push your uniqueness. You can in like manner organize pre-rehearse hair styles and beautifying agents for two or three days before the nuptial.