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Aerial photo and video in Koh Samui

Aerial video and Photo for villas and hotels

Аэросъемка дроном


Anyone who once came to relax on Samui undoubtedly will be back again in the Gulf of Thailand. To fully comprehend the majestic beauty of this area will help our service - aerial photography Samui. Clear Sunny day, from the height of one hundred meters, is the splendor of tropical nature and chic of exquisite villas. By the drone, hovering above the ground, make great shots. Advertising, aerial photography for villas and hotels provides an opportunity to their owners to emphasize the uniqueness and respectability of hotel complexes to attract new customers. Footage shot by a drone enable potential tourists to appreciate the advantage where he can spend unforgettable days of your stay.

Aerial video and photo shooting for villas and hotels Aerial video and photo shooting on Koh Samui


aerial shoot

on koh samui, Thailand

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Aerial shooting of celebration, ceremony

Huge popularity gaining in holding on Koh Samui various holidays and commemorative events. A professional aerial photo of the celebration will forever retain the atmosphere of any event. Aerial photography Samui is a film that will become a gift for your friends and for you personally.

Drone shooting  Samui, Thailand Drone shoot on Koh Samui

An important factor for conducting any type of aerial photography are:

-Good weather (winds up to 3 m/s, no rain);

-Presence of the net sites for take-off (especially important for flights in the fields and construction sites);

-Absence of trees, bridges, power lines, etc. which may affect the compass and GPS.